Friends don't let the wrong shade of red.

Whether you're lipstick savvy or lipstick shy, there's no smarter way to shop for a new shade than with your besties.  So gather your girl gang, and plan your LIPP Fête today! 


Think of me as your secret weapon...

"With an uncanny eye for spotting your most flattering shades (and more than eight years of beauty industry experience doing exactly that) together we'll discover the BEST lipstick colors for your unique skin tone." - Aleah Rae, Founder of LIPP Beauty

Ever mixed

THREE lipsticks together just to get the "perfect" color? 

"I mean, who has room in their clutch for THREE lipsticks??? I was so grateful to find a custom color mixologist at Fête by LIPP Beauty to mix my perfect shade.  Aleah Rae nailed it.  And let me tell you about the consistency of her lipsticks --- BUTTER! Hydrating formulas, with a lovely scent too.  All my girlfriends and even my mom loved my custom shade so much, they ordered it for themselves. Eternally grateful I only have to carry ONE shade in my bag from now on." --- Jordan Lewis, Frederick, MD

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